Meat Smoking Wood Chips for an Exquisite Smoke Aroma

Quality that Sets Standards

Many well-known customers from the meat and fish product industries, along with delicatessen smokehouses, have trusted GOLDSPAN® smoke for decades. GOLDSPAN® smoke doesn’t just provide perfect smoked product results, it also guarantees the most trouble-free smoking performance.

  • GOLDSPAN® smoke uses high-quality beech logs. They are chipped, dried, removed of dust, and sterilized. This produces a smoking product with extremely high quality.
  • GOLDSPAN® smoke is thermally treated in a special process to make it free of yeast and mold.
  • Proven, sophisticated grinding, filtering, and drying processes produce GOLDSPAN® smokewood chips that have an extremely high consistency. This quality is essential. It’s the only way that you can make sure your smoking processes have the best results every single time.