Making Your Food Exquisite

Connoisseurs and professionals alike simply love Brandenburg’s GOLDSPAN® smoke. Our high-quality meat smoking wood chips are made from beechwood logs, and give your products a feathery, delicious aroma and a delicate smoked color. This gives a noble taste and appearance to sausage, meat, fish, and cheese.

GOLDSPAN® smoke ensures an optimal smoking process:

  • Natural beechwood logs
  • Freed of dust through our technical process
  • Outstanding smoldering properties
  • Very smoke-active
  • Short smoking times
  • Efficient in its use
  • Suitable for all conventional smoking equipment
  • Unlimited storage
  • Very hygienic

Four Varieties for an Exquisite Smoke

GOLDSPAN® smoke meat smoking wood chips are offered in four different qualities that can be used in all conventional smoking equipment. Regardless of the GOLDSPAN® smoke product you choose, consistent high quality is guaranteed.